The SteelDrivers – “I’ll Be There”

Gary Nichols, lead singer/guitar player of The SteelDrivers, plays a Hays Guitar on this music video for their song “I’ll Be There”.  The Hays Guitar Gary is playing has the following features:

  • Slope Shoulder
  • Back & Sides are of Figured Ovangkol & Top is “Bear Claw” Sitka Spruce
  • Scale Length is 24.9 inches; neck joins the body at the 13th fret

The Sound of a Hays Guitar

The Sound of a Hays Guitar

Listen to the distinctive sound of a Hays Guitar as Justin Miller picks a song for us in the following session.  The Hays Guitar Justin is playing has the following features:

  • Dreadnought
  • Back & Sides are of Figured Walnut & Top is Alaskan Yellow Cedar

[Video by David Higginbotham]